Author: David Lindner

Stereotypical Manhood Vs Mature Man

If I were to ask you to describe for me the manliest man you know, what characteristics would you include? If you do a Google search for “Manliest Man”, you get responses like IMDB’s “Top 20 Manliest Men Ever” with names like John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The images that come up are pictures of men muscles bulging out of their shirts, covered in hair and eating a live fish they presumably just pulled from the water with their bare hands. But, is that what a “man” is? And if it is, what about the millions of...

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Man Under Attack

I remember my dad being upset as a kid, yelling at the TV during the news. But there were other times that he would yell at the TV, usually during the Cosby show. And no, it’s not what you think. My dad had a problem with how the father figure was portrayed. Often times, Cliff was the well-meaning man who usually got things wrong and couldn’t fix anything in their home. This portrayal of men in sitcoms is one that continues to this day. In fact, it’s gotten worse. Take for instance, Grey’s Anatomy, whose creator is pretty open...

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It’s the root, not the fruit

I love a good apple. Not only do they taste great by themselves, but you can make even more amazing things with them. Applesauce, apple butter, baked apples, apple crisp and my favorite – apple pie! I live in the PNW (Pacific Northwest if you don’t know our code), and one of the things we’re known for is apples. Apples and rain. Probably more rain than apples. Not too far from where I live is a place called Hood River, a town which contains one of our families favorite activities, the fruit loop. No, it’s not a tour of...

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