We’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas about love in the world around us. If you watch Hallmark movies, you’ll think that love is something that only happens when a big city finance guy leaves his high-paying job for the farmer’s daughter in a small, rural town. If you watch romantic comedies, you’re likely to think that love comes when you meet someone walking over a bridge and someone starts playing “Somewhere Over The Rainbow” in the background. A lot of modern society views love solely from the lens of how someone or something else makes them feel. But is that actually love? 

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What is love? We’ve got all kinds of crazy ideas of love in the world around us. If you watch Hallmark movies, you’ll figure out the Love is something that only happens when a big city finance guy leaves his high paying job for the farmer’s daughter in a small rural town.

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Watch romantic comedies you’re likely to think that love comes when you meet someone walking over a bridge and someone starts playing somewhere over the rainbow in the background.

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A lot of modern society views love solely from the lens of how someone or something else makes them feel.

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But is that actually love

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All right.

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Well, hello.

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My voice is usually a little deeper in the morning so I can give give Paul around first. There you go.

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Early morning

Unknown Speaker 1:21
Hello, everyone. Welcome to another episode man they remember this is our 30th episode by the way. Oh, wow. Finally crossed that. Apex. Yeah, if that’s the right term, it’s a milestone. Yeah, the big one. The women are clobbering us and their consistency but

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and total downloads. We got some ground to make up but we finally crossed crossed that threshold. So nice. There you go. But welcome to episode 30 Joining me on the podcast today we have back with us. Mr. Paul cool voice Reyes Hello. Good morning or afternoon or evening depending on the time you’re listening are Good night Good afternoon good evening and good night in Truman Show fan I know that’s right.

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And then to my left is Ron Reyes who was here last episode. Hello I don’t have a nickname for you yet. Cool voices brother.

Unknown Speaker 2:16
The other way is

Unknown Speaker 2:19
a guy

Unknown Speaker 2:22
sitting across from me this is we’ve got four guys today so that’s kind of cool. Is rockin rockin Robbie Naaman. Is that what

Unknown Speaker 2:32
I thought I thought it could go with you know Rockin Robin. Rockin Naaman. Yeah, sure. Hey, Rockin Robin. I

Unknown Speaker 2:43
don’t know that song. I don’t know if I know that.

Unknown Speaker 2:46
Robin Robins use that song for the day marshals for a while. Yes.

Unknown Speaker 2:54
Before we jump into

Unknown Speaker 2:56
to our topic, I thought we could talk about football a little bit because this will be the episode right before the Super Bowl. Oh, that’s right. Yeah. So I know this is right up Robbie’s alley. Yep, totally loves football. Forts born with the pigskin in his hands.

Unknown Speaker 3:16
But see, I know I know in your household there were 40 Niners fans are you 40 Niners fan by by marriage. You know that’s a it’s a good question. I started out as a Seahawks fan, okay, when I was young, young boy and Alaska that was our team and then you know, never followed football very much. kind of fell off my radar and then I met a nice lady got married. And she was a diehard 40 Niners fan so I’m like Oh cool. I’m cool with that let’s let’s root on the 40 Niners and we’ll root on the Seahawks

Unknown Speaker 3:54

Unknown Speaker 3:57
and apparently I did some terrible blast

Unknown Speaker 4:01
I learned very quickly that was not okay. There’s no way to have both can’t do this I’ve learned so I became a diehard Portland Timbers fan.

Unknown Speaker 4:13
All nice football behind me. So So

Unknown Speaker 4:18
So when did when did the when did the Seahawks when did they rearrange everything because Seahawks used to be in the AFC and anyone know that when that was must have been must have been the four because there could have been some a way for that to work that for the time they did

Unknown Speaker 4:37
maybe I don’t remember when that was but see if they’re in the AFC 40 Niners in the NFC then there’s could work but I guess now there’s arrivals. Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty. It’s pretty rough. My my father in law loves to loves the Niners hates the Seahawks and my kids don’t know any different so they just listen to mom right?

Unknown Speaker 5:00
Papa now we’re we’re driving down the road one day windows down and there’s a Seahawks flag and my little son yells out the window. What the heck? They gotta see chickens flag

Unknown Speaker 5:18
we’re behind enemy lines. You can’t say no

Unknown Speaker 5:23
no, that’s my football. Yeah, experience right there. So so last Sunday was pretty disappointing that in your household It was a sad day. You know, I was I was written on the Niners. And it was it was unfortunate now, but

Unknown Speaker 5:37
there’s always next year. He’s next.

Unknown Speaker 5:42
Ron Robbie, you guys have any preference? I don’t know. I mean, I don’t have any problem with football but I don’t follow it. I don’t really know. Like the Super Bowl, the halftime show. No, I kind of avoid the hallway.

Unknown Speaker 5:59
Now we

Unknown Speaker 6:01
the funniest thing is the only reason I knew there was it was a big deal for football was on saronite live they did a skit with Peyton Manning was supposed to do some commentary on the big games and cars. He goes on to talk about how he had an hour before the game and so he was like, you know, so I was just messing around Netflix and I saw the most amazing show Emily in Paris and then he just goes on and on about Emily and Paris.

Unknown Speaker 6:29
And he talks about it just kind of like you know she’s got a commanding team coach and she’s she’s dealing with her career versus her love life. The Careers being the owes the ex has been the love life and you know she’s got a lot of exes and so she’s he just goes on and on. It’s just It cracked me up and I was like yeah, that’s that’s that’s the kind of commentary

Unknown Speaker 6:52
but no, I grew up in Alaska too. And so we were always kind of like it was it was the flavor of the month kind of deal or a year whatever it was. Whoever was getting the coverage Yeah, whoever was doing really good that’s who everybody loved so so I really kept away from that whole thing we didn’t really have well i Bernstein’s I grew up a Bengals fan anyone who’s around the church kind of knows this but

Unknown Speaker 7:18
I I’ve tried I’ve tried to root for the Seahawks and just have never really been able to get it in my heart that I actually care about the Seahawks I’m still trying because we live here but just just have been disappointed by the Bengals so many times in my life and I have absolutely no hope that there’s any shot they’re going to pull off any kind of a victory in the in the Super I think it’s going to be my expectation now my wife will listen to this and get mad at me because I’m not believing I don’t have hope and I’m putting

Unknown Speaker 7:47
you know these bad thoughts about it because like I I’m just not expecting I’m not expected I’d rather be surprised by a win than expect to win and be disappointed so and have your heart shattered yeah by disappointment it was Bengals RAM yeah Bengals rams

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Yeah cuz I was I was shattered by disappointment and 88 or 89 whenever it was when when Joe Montana of the freakin 40 Niners

Unknown Speaker 8:18
love this you know historic comeback and won the Super Bowl and stolen from the Bengals and I’ve never forgiven the 40 and I’ll just never get over Yeah, that’s a that’s a tough one to get over there. The 40 Niners are the villain of my story

Unknown Speaker 8:33
Yes. Have they ever won a Super Bowl they’ve lost twice to the 40 Niners both times

Unknown Speaker 8:43
so I was kind of I was kind of hoping the 40 Niners would make it and maybe this could be like the vindication you know oh like the records were pretty much equals again they’re more equals than than the rams and the Bengals so I think I’m guessing the rams are just gonna stomp all over the Bengals to be my guest but never know never know. They could have a bad day and but it’s in it’s in Los Angeles at the Rams home stadium

Unknown Speaker 9:10
that’s not gonna go well that doesn’t know

Unknown Speaker 9:14
that’s what I think that’s where we played him. Yeah, the Niners played him and that ones remember watching them and announcers are like they can’t hear a thing down there John. You know it’s like because they’re just everyone’s just yell and you know

Unknown Speaker 9:28
because I think it’s the new stadium isn’t brand new billion dollar stadium, my gosh, and they design them so the acoustics like the yelling go straight to the field, right? To you know, blow out the eardrums of the opposing team. It’s it’s part of the game. It’s not the home team now. It’s the billion dollar 12 man. Wow. That’s terrible.

Unknown Speaker 9:54
So vicious become to see and see. Yeah, that’ll be good.

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Well, I’m bored doing something new. So it’s eight o’clock on a Wednesday morning or little afternoon starting and trying a new time. And hopefully that’ll help us be able to make it work a little more regularly and consistently. I’m excited about it. No, not excited about the time, but I’m excited that we’re all together.

Unknown Speaker 10:18
Yeah. Are you guys Morning? Morning people?

Unknown Speaker 10:22
Yeah, usually usually get up. Get kids out of bed at like six o’clock. 615. So, or I go to work. Get up my thinking.

Unknown Speaker 10:34
Ron, right. I’m kind of I used to be when when I work more, but lately, it’s just been kind of depending on what kind of night I had. So, so it’s kind of hit and miss. Right? Yeah, I mean, I’m not super early, but I get up, like around, you know, eight or 830. It’ll work at 930. And

Unknown Speaker 10:55
I’ve always wanted to be a morning person. Like, I’ve wanted to be that guy that loves getting up like five o’clock in the morning, but I just I just don’t enjoy it. It doesn’t doesn’t feel good to me when I get up that early. Yeah. Like, when I get up early, like I kind of just feel disgusting, which is a sign that I’m like, this isn’t supposed to be

Unknown Speaker 11:14
like, Why do I feel sick? You know, like, why is this like something’s wrong. Let me sleep a little bit more. And I wake up and I feel fine. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 11:22
Yeah. Do you feel good? Do you like wake up? And it’s like, oh, man, this is awesome. It’s a great day. I’m so excited. You know, I I love I love getting a value. Like if it’s my day off, and I get up super early. The kids are still in bed. I got time to myself. It’s it’s a win grade. And I don’t drink when I got up and do something and I love it.

Unknown Speaker 11:46
I will say though, I hate it when I have to get out.

Unknown Speaker 11:49
When I have like get up go to work. Yeah, I would sleep till 10 If I could. Okay, but

Unknown Speaker 11:56
yeah, if I have no obligations and I can just you know, put on the slippers. Get gifts. You know, hot coffee going? chestnuts roasting

Unknown Speaker 12:08
over an open fire. It’s a it’s a Good Morning, America. So it would be so awesome if you actually roasted chestnuts.

Unknown Speaker 12:18
I know. And then my wife would be like, isn’t your son allergic to chestnuts? And I’m like, Oh my gosh.

Unknown Speaker 12:25
The moment sorry. Is he allergic to chestnuts? He’s allergic to all nuts. Okay, so tree nuts or just like every kind of any nut so? Peanuts tree nuts. We tested them for many nets. Coconuts are not coca Uncas. Yeah, those are okay. Are those technically nuts? Are they like a fruit? I pondered this before David and I I don’t know. If anyone wants to chime in. At home leave a comment and email now. We’d appreciate that kind of what do you think Robbie? Another fruit? I don’t know. I would consider it maybe more of a fruit just based on the flavor of it. But also the size. I feel like every nut is relatively small or a coconut is like 12 times the size so I don’t tree cantaloupe. Kinda Yeah. Robin, I would think it’s a fruit. Yeah. So why do we call it a coconut? Why don’t we call it a cocoa fruit?

Unknown Speaker 13:27
That’s not even cocoa. Yeah. Well, the question is the name we should lead a campaign to change the name. I know. The cocoa info, right?

Unknown Speaker 13:37
I mean, there’s probably a reason that we’re just overlooking, of course, but you know, I’m sure there’s a definition. I’m sure that’s like the that’s the fruit is on the you know, the local name for it somewhere wherever, you know, native native language for it, but that’s okay. We’re Americans. We’re better than everyone else. We can change the name we can do what we please because that’s how we act right.

Unknown Speaker 14:03
I can be cocoa fruit because then that’s because like the cocoa bean. Oh, yeah.

Unknown Speaker 14:10
Oh, we got to come up with something. Maybe that’s the next podcast we can just brainstorm. Alright, the new name for the cocoa nuts is the

Unknown Speaker 14:21
To be continued. If you have a suggestion. We can then we can start the hashtag and everything. It’s right now the movement

Unknown Speaker 14:30
Well, this is also our episode on the Tuesday before Valentine’s Day. So I would go with the with the general theme of of love, love for Valentine’s Day. You guys do? Do anything big in your homes for Valentine’s Day. Is that a tradition to celebrate it in one way or another?

Unknown Speaker 14:53

Unknown Speaker 14:57
No, no Sidney NIHR very simple stuff.

Unknown Speaker 15:00
like that, and it’s like, you don’t, you know, we don’t really use the holidays for the most part or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 15:08
In we don’t even really go out to eat because, or anything like that we’ll just, you know, use another day or whatever, we don’t really treat it any differently right now. It’s Valentine’s Day. Cool, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 15:18
I don’t know, do you think it’s a conspiracy by Hallmark to sell cards? And, um, you know, but it’s definitely something that gets taken advantage of by companies to sell things. Right. You know? Yeah, we don’t really do anything, or just, maybe we’re just the weird ones we just

Unknown Speaker 15:35
hang out, we kind of treat it like a normal day.

Unknown Speaker 15:39
I don’t know, we’re just a little more simple and don’t like to really deal with stuff like that. So. Yeah, yeah, Ron, I think, you know, when we were younger, we used to do a lot more. Like we used to always try to go out to the dinners. And they would always have like,

Unknown Speaker 15:57
I mean, it got old really fast, because they always do like, like a three course or four course meal or something like that. And all the major restaurants. So it was never really like, yeah, we’ll go to our favorite restaurant, we’ll have, you know, a good meal and, you know, exchange gifts or whatever. But now it’s like, I mean, you have to spend

Unknown Speaker 16:19
like, a set amount of money for whatever they’re feeding you.

Unknown Speaker 16:24
And it’s always it’s the same dish, and everybody gets the same dish, or at least there’s I mean, there’s a lot of a lot of the fancier restaurants are like that. And so it was just like, way too expensive. And you fight to get your spot and what do you mean by fancier restaurant give me a

Unknown Speaker 16:40
like, we went to

Unknown Speaker 16:44
I mean, we’ve gone to a whole slew of them. But we went to like when we lived in Arizona, we went to some pretty fancy ones that were in Flagstaff, where we lived in

Unknown Speaker 16:54
here. I mean, we we tried Heneral garden, Henry wildhearts downtown Portland, they have a big brewery. You know, nice, nice restaurant.

Unknown Speaker 17:07
Just different types of local restaurants here. And I guess when I think nice restaurant, I think Olive Garden.

Unknown Speaker 17:16
Black Angus? Yeah, that’s a super nice resume. I mean,

Unknown Speaker 17:21
that’s that’s like a top tier way above. Some hundreds with Yeah, yeah. That primary of on Valentine’s Day. So So yeah, we don’t we don’t really do the big meal out anymore. But we do. We do. Like we’ll get all the kids love Valentine’s. And do a special Valentine’s breakfast and yeah, or a dinner? That it’s got all the all the pink, red trimmings. Right? Yeah. All the things all the next. My wife, Becky, host of The Girl on Hill podcast, is really good at the Valentine stuff. Especially, I mean, for the kids. And for us. I’ve I’ve never been great at it. I’ve always kind of failed at it. And I always hated the pressure of it. So then it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 18:05
too much pressure again, like, there’s this expectation that I have to do a certain number of, you know, certain like there’s a certain level you have to achieve on Valentine’s

Unknown Speaker 18:14
or you don’t love your wife. Right, right. Yeah. And so I

Unknown Speaker 18:19
i revolted against that several years ago. And now we just kind of have a low key thing, which is, I think, much more enjoyable. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think that’s the way to do it. My wife always makes chocolate cheesecake though. Chocolate cheese pie. Yeah. She made it when we were when we were engaged our first Valentine’s Day together, we were engaged. And she made it and that’s just kind of been like a requirement. Like we have

Unknown Speaker 18:44
to have it read. Yeah. That’s a good call. Tradition. Yeah, we we used to, you know, I used to do

Unknown Speaker 18:52
get caught up in the Valentine’s Day. We need the box of chocolates. We got to buy a dozen roses. Okay, what else do I need to buy? I need to buy a teddy bear. You know, you die.

Unknown Speaker 19:09
In you know, and then I would, I did this for several years, and I left left the store and I’m like, I just spent like 150

Unknown Speaker 19:18
and I have nothing of any meaning. It’s all just kind of crap. And these are terrible roses that are dying, but they were you know, $60 or whatever they are. And, and so we got to talk in over the years that I’m like, do you like this stuff? And she’s like, No, that’s not that’s not what I care about Valentine’s Day for.

Unknown Speaker 19:44
I don’t enjoy the fact that we’re supporting this kind of, you know, spend tons of money holiday,

Unknown Speaker 19:54
you know, put on by big big Hallmark, you know?

Unknown Speaker 19:59
That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 20:00
Add you know this. So, we we’ve kind of slowly transitioned away to we’re not spending money, we’re going to do something personal. We’re gonna you know do I’ll go to Dollar Tree and buy or some fake roses for like $3 I hadn’t thought about that. It’s she liked him just as much as the $60. Rose. She appreciated it more than they cost almost nothing right? So

Unknown Speaker 20:30
yeah, we kind of made that transition a few years back and it’s been, it’s been nice made the holiday better. Now I’ll often buy the the a bouquet of some kind from Safeway and when it’s like

Unknown Speaker 20:43
10 or 12 bucks or something, I think maybe, maybe $15 Now, but yeah, my, my wife would be mad at me. If I spent like 100 bucks on roasters. Yeah, she wouldn’t see that as love. She’d seen that as a waste. So

Unknown Speaker 21:00
yeah, yes, that’s kind of how we are too, it’s like, not that we’re against spending money, but it’s like spending money on something that maybe goes a little further that is a little bit more worth it than, like, Oh, this is, you know, even we have a hard time eating out for places sometimes that are too expensive. Because of that same reason here. Like, it didn’t really do anything more for me, but it costs five times more. You know, and it’s like, I don’t know, it’s a special occasion thing, of course, and nothing against doing that. You know, and we went on a date a couple weeks ago, and we went to Olive Garden, you know, the really nice, you know, dinner date thing, you take your take your wife to when you’re out on special evening like that, and, and I we hadn’t been there in years. And she said they raise their prices. And so I’m looking through the menu, and they had raised their prices. So you know, my, my inner cheapskate kicks in and like, Oh, I’m gonna get this because it’s the cheapest. And then, like, I should have just spent three more dollars and had something I wanted. Instead of, instead of buying this cheap thing that now I don’t like I have and gonna throw it away. Yeah. Well, you know, if you get the salad, you can just keep eating that until you’re throwing out right as it I’ll keep bringing it. And our, our waitress was, it was the end of the night. And I heard her say to the tables, you know, do you guys want some breadsticks to take home and they’re kind of him and hon about it. And he said, we got a whole bunch in the back and we’re about ready to close down, we got to get rid of them. Otherwise, we’re just gonna throw him away. And she said, Yeah. And so she came over to our tables, like, yeah, we’ll take some breadsticks to grab some, we’ll take a moment. So I got my money’s back, you know, money back from them. Food I threw away then. So, um,

Unknown Speaker 22:38
so what is love? When you, when you if you try to define love? How would you define it? What would be your definition of love? And, and or maybe we should start? And I start there, let’s start there. How would you define love? Ah, that’s,

Unknown Speaker 22:57

Unknown Speaker 22:59
I don’t really know. Because I feel like there’s, you know, we’ll probably get into it at some point different really, types of love and how you love different people and things and whatever else it’s like. So, overall, what does it all mean? I don’t know. You know, but like, the way it’s like the way you love your kids versus even the way you love your wife, it’s like, just definitely a different, not one greater than the other, but they’re a different experience and a different thing versus you know, do a you love music or your hobbies or whatever it’s like, it’s, you know, they’re totally different feelings. You’re not feeling the same way about, you know, video games as you are about your wife, hopefully.

Unknown Speaker 23:41
Hopefully, yeah. But you know, yeah, it’s just that’s,

Unknown Speaker 23:46
I don’t know how you just define it. So simply, you know, I think it’s really complex, actually.

Unknown Speaker 23:52
Yeah, you guys think? Any thoughts?

Unknown Speaker 23:56
Well, I think

Unknown Speaker 23:58
I think it’s interesting because they, you know, there’s all these kind of like,

Unknown Speaker 24:03
benchmarks on like a marriage, you know,

Unknown Speaker 24:07
there’s the honeymoon phase, and then you kind of go through the,

Unknown Speaker 24:12
The Seven Year Itch and then you go through, like, till your

Unknown Speaker 24:17
I guess 10 years is supposed to be like the big,

Unknown Speaker 24:21
big landmark for love. Because supposedly, they say that

Unknown Speaker 24:29
the first 10 years of your marriage, you’re always kind of looking to see what your partner can do for you. Or, you know, how, how can they help you? And and then after 10 years, you’re kind of like, what can I do for them? You know, and so it becomes more of a

Unknown Speaker 24:44
I think there’s a lot of

Unknown Speaker 24:48
you know, I think initially you being like

Unknown Speaker 24:54
unsure of course, initially when you first get married, I mean, you really you know, there’s the honeymoon stage.

Unknown Speaker 25:00
And then I, you know, I don’t know what I wouldn’t say necessarily that everybody goes through the seven year itch. But I think there’s, there’s just kind of like that vulnerability that you have.

Unknown Speaker 25:14
And when you look at,

Unknown Speaker 25:18
you know how much you’re like, I look at my relationship with my wife now and like, as I’m kind of going through what I’m going through with this illness and stuff, and she’s kind of like, she’s just, like, taken over and she’s, and she’s, she’s, she doesn’t make me feel bad. Or she, you know, she’s just really there. And she, you know, there’s just, there’s a lot of love, you know, that is just kind of unconditional versus like, you know, if she started coming did wait around this time, I’d be like, what? I’m just gonna

Unknown Speaker 25:53
know, but you know, I mean, but you know, there’s there is that there’s that kind of like, when you’re in a relationship where you’re, you know, you’re giving and taking and whatnot. And then when somebody gets sick that really kind of gives you this, this idea of like, you know, how much how much are you loved, in a way because they, I mean, it’s just kind of

Unknown Speaker 26:14
it’s been humbling to know how much

Unknown Speaker 26:18
how much love there is there just to feel the love even though I’m just dead weight, you know?

Unknown Speaker 26:24
I love to be on villain the love. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 26:30
I haven’t. Okay, you got the answer? I haven’t. I have pondered this for many, many minutes. I’ve been waiting for my turn here. And I’ve got it ready. Good. You ready? Down at home? Okay. It’s the unconditional Oh, there’s good word.

Unknown Speaker 26:48
Caring, and or joy

Unknown Speaker 26:54
towards another person. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 26:57
Now you Google that well, wrong?

Unknown Speaker 27:01
Well, I’m submitting that to Google, okay. Because they need to put that in unconditional caring mode, you say? And, and, or, and or joy, joy towards another person. And you could even say person, place or thing. But I was like, well as Valentine’s Day, we’re probably talked about the person or so. But yeah, you know, you

Unknown Speaker 27:23
you’re your spouse, let’s let’s just say we’re talking about a spouse here.

Unknown Speaker 27:28
Unconditional. So no matter what, like Ron was saying, no matter what’s going on, no matter what challenges, difficulties issues, health problems, your spouse is having. You have unconditional

Unknown Speaker 27:43
care, caring. So you care for that person, you know, you you come alongside them with whatever they’re dealing with, with whatever is going on, for better. or for worse, richer report. Yeah, sex, right. And health still till death, right? Till the death? And then you park. But

Unknown Speaker 28:04
that’s right. And then all bets are off? That’s right.

Unknown Speaker 28:09
Yeah, you know it, you have that unconditional caring towards that person. And I say and or joy, because as we know, you know, marriage can be it can be the most incredible, wonderful thing. And it can also be a huge challenge at times, and I think we all have had that nobody said, or Amen to that.

Unknown Speaker 28:34
After quiet after that statement.

Unknown Speaker 28:40
So you know, you have great, wonderful times, you have joy, this pure, this pure joy that you have for this wonderful love. And then there’s other times that you know what, even though I’m not experiencing this wonderful joy, because of whatever reason, you know, you still care for that person, you still care for your spouse, and you love your spouse. So I feel like, you know, love is a, a kind of that dynamic thing. And it kind of evolves over time. And it is a a wonderful thing to share with your spouse. Yeah, good. So.

Unknown Speaker 29:19
So I define it, I’d say I say love is sacrifice. And I often say love sacrifices itself, for the betterment of others. So kind of similar for caring for others, loving others making their lives better.

Unknown Speaker 29:33
And that’s and that’s kind of based on on Scripture. We’ll get to that in just a minute. But before we do that,

Unknown Speaker 29:41
how does how would you say, the world that we live in defines love? What does love look like in in the world around us? Culture, Media.

Unknown Speaker 29:52
I mean, technology, all of that. I think it’s really dumbed down probably like, after hearing everyone can

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Target made me think of maybe not how you define it, but some of the factors of love are definitely, you know, your action, your words. Definitely.

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