Simon Sinek became popular several years ago with his TED talk, “Start With Why.” It’s a compelling talk and one of the most viewed TED talks of all time. It’s a question we have to wrestle with as men if we’re going to live lives that leave a legacy in the lives of the people around us when we’re gone. So, how do we find the answer to that question? In today’s episode, without them even knowing what we were doing, I took Robby and Ron on a bit of a journey to see what there answers to these questions would be. Listen in for help in determining your why. 

Questions used in this podcast to help find your why:

What is consuming your attention, affection and ambition right now in life?

  • Besides work, how are you spending your time?
  • When you look at the way you’ve spent your time in the past, does is give you peace and a sense of pride or do you wish you’d spent your time differently?

What things in life are you willing to struggle for?
Where do you add the most value?

  • Where is it that people come to you and ask for advice, help or support?

What makes you come alive?

  • What’s something that you get so caught up in that you lose all track of time?
  • What something that you’ll wake up early or skip a meal for?
  • What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Who are you becoming by what you’re doing?
Who do you want to be one year from now?

  • Where in life do you want to be one year from now?

What one sentence will define your life?
What is the why of your life? What is driving you?

Partial Transcript

Below you will find a partial transcript of the episode. It was transcribed by, therefore, there are mistakes, but if it’s helpful, we may continue to do this for you.

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Simon Sinek became popular several years ago with his TED Talk, start with why it’s compelling talk and one of the most viewed TED talks of all time. It’s a question we have to wrestle with as men, if we’re going to live lives that leave a legacy in the lives of the people around us when we’re gone. So how do we find the answer to that question? On today’s episode without them even knowing what we were doing, I took Robbie and Ron on a bit of a journey to see what their answers to these questions would be. Listen in for help in determining your why you’re listening to the man they remember podcast where we are encouraging men to be the kind of man they will remember when we’re gone. Find us online and man they or they remember and join the Facebook group on that page. Thank you for sharing, liking, subscribing, and leaving a review on Apple podcasts Now, time for the show. Welcome back.

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Unknown Speaker 1:12
That is. See that’s from It’s A Wonderful Life. Where George goes to the dance. You guys seen? It’s a Wonderful Life. George goes to the day. Have you seen it? No.

Unknown Speaker 1:27
But you brought this movie Up not that long ago when we’re talking about something

Unknown Speaker 1:30
that’s like my, it’s this definitely my favorite movie of all all movies of all time. But the George goes back to high school dance. And the principal, I guess comes up to him and says, George, well come back. You know, putting a pool under this floor was best ideas saved us building another bill is like, like really putting a pool. Having a floor that opens up to a pool is really great, practical, practical ideas. It’s wonderful. But so Anyway, hi, everyone. Welcome to the man remember podcast where we’re tearing down the macho man stereotype one episode at a time encouraging men to be the kind of man that will remember when you’re gone. My name is David. I get the awesome pleasure of being joined by two guys today. sitting to my right is Mr. Robbie Naaman. How are you today? Robbie?

Unknown Speaker 2:23
I’m okay. I haven’t done anything yet today, because we’re doing this a little earlier than you know about. I don’t know, eight hours earlier

Unknown Speaker 2:30
than usual normal. So we’ve got light shining in the room today, which is unusual. And to my left is is Mr. Ron Reyes. How’re you doing today, Ron?

Unknown Speaker 2:39
Now? I’m doing all right. Yeah. Yeah, just kind of kind of a little bit foggy from this. This light.

Unknown Speaker 2:45
Too much like, too much light in my face.

Unknown Speaker 2:48
Early morning. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 2:51
Before we get into our topic for today, I wanted to ask you guys, what’s something you’ve been loving lately? What’s something you’ve been really loving and enjoying?

Unknown Speaker 3:01
Huh? Hmm. Food Food. Yeah, after the, you know, kind of gut stuff had gone on. I didn’t really eat really anything for like a week and a half. Just maybe some crackers and a little bit of soup kind of thing. So getting back into eating regular food has been super flavor. Yeah, just, I mean, nothing super crazy. But you know, I’ve been doing a lot of curry, which is awesome. Very good. And I just enjoy that.

Unknown Speaker 3:31
I never really got into curry. And the only thing I really remember about Curry was my mom would make rice with ground beef in it. And she’d put curry in it. And it was green. That’s all I remember. And then we were actually we were out somewhere. And someone like it’s north north woods or something up in battleground, the restaurant up there. That’s a it looks like a church, but it’s a restaurant. And that’s weird, because it’s a new building that they built to look like a church to put a restaurant in. So no, no, no, I guess it’s a cool architectural thing. But anyway, so they have this ketchup and they add curry into it. And I taste to that, that tastes like my childhood. Because Mom would make this you know, this curry rice with beef in it, and then we’d put ketchup on it, you know? And then that was what that was how he ate it. So

Unknown Speaker 4:20
yeah, well, we should we should do we should go get some curry some time to see how

Unknown Speaker 4:25
I like it or not.

Unknown Speaker 4:26
I, I I’ve had it over the years and remember, always seems good, but it’s nothing that I really ever wanted until I had it more recently, like about a week, week and a half ago or so. And I’ve just been like whining it all the time. I probably had it like four times in the last, you know, two weeks or something. So it’s really good. I mean, I’ve been getting it from like a Thai place. I don’t know if it’s just maybe the spin they put on it since this Yeah, where do you where do you go? Tie walk or or is it? Taiwan kitchen or Thai little home to places that are that around here? Yeah. Both on fourth plane. Like both of those places a lot. But

Unknown Speaker 5:10
are you a Thai food

Unknown Speaker 5:11
guy? I’m you know, I’m not a we. I mean, I, I’m kind of hit and miss with it, you know, because I think that Thai food like authentic Thai food really has like, like the curry they have try and forget. Right? I forget what what the name of the restaurant is, but it’s down at the wrong downtown Vancouver. And it’s, I think it’s like Thai kitchen or something like that. And, and they make their curry really watery or there’s like a lot of coconut milk or whatever. And, and then I’ve also I’ve also had curry that’s really thick and kind of, you know, mixed with with rice or potatoes or I don’t I don’t know what exactly it is. But it’s really thick. Yeah. So it kind of depends on what kind of texture and taste you have to it. So

Unknown Speaker 6:06
yeah, like whatever the will they do the type places. I mean, they both places I go to they make it essentially the same. Yeah. It just kind of like a soup. Like yeah, like that. But you get rice on the side. And I just like I just throw the rice in there and it kind of gives it more of a porridge vibe as

Unknown Speaker 6:24
thick as Thai food with the rice noodles.

Unknown Speaker 6:27
Yeah, that’s something they

Unknown Speaker 6:28
do. Yeah. And they put Thai labor and labor what they came and everything.

Unknown Speaker 6:33
I mean, it’s not in everything. But yeah, peanut sauce is a is a wooden it’s really not a huge it’s not in like most things I do, but it’s just like it’s a sauce they have that. I think most people really like it’s like,

Unknown Speaker 6:47
like I saw it. Yeah, I’ve only had it a couple times. So I grew up in the Midwest with you know, just meat and potatoes die. That’s basically what I ate growing up. So like meatloaf, and we had rice and the curry rice was probably one of the most extravagant you know, cultured food, you know, taste that we had that in tacos, but we thought was a pretty as a regular but, you know, it’s you know, we someone one of the churches I worked at, they went to a Thai restaurant one day, and it was just so like, putting peanut flavor into like into main dish food is just so foreign to me. It’s like it’s not it’s just I just I don’t know, it doesn’t necessarily taste bad I don’t think to my palate but it’s still just such a foreign idea to have to have like a like a tomato based dish with some kind of peanut flavor in it is very weird.

Unknown Speaker 7:44
Yeah, like they don’t they do they do just a lot of times they just add like straight up peanuts into something like not really adding a sauce but it’s just they sprinkle peanuts in and yet you know other veggies and stuff and it is different. But, you know,

Unknown Speaker 7:59
it’s basically have the palate of a child, I think because I just never really matured never had the opportunity to mature my palate. I’m trying to eat a little bit more spicy food right now. But well,

Unknown Speaker 8:10
curry is a good option for that too. Because it’s like it’s, it really is good when it is. You know, I can’t eat super spicy. I mean out of just my diet issues because I do like stuff to be pretty spicy but just the leaving a little bit it’s like it really just makes it I think even better because it didn’t have the spice I feel like it wouldn’t really be the same. Okay, thing but we’re talking about you know, like meat potatoes or whatever. That’s what I like about the usually get like a yellow curry which all it’s pretty much like a stew. It’s like a Thai students just meat, potatoes, carrots, and then your favorite thing, onions. Which obviously you can take those those would be but you know, the potatoes and carrots or whatever. And it’s just the yellow curry and whatever mean I usually do like a beef and awesome, really simple little bit of rice. Really great. So well. We’ll have to do that one day to try to explore because we usually just I think all we eat together is burgers. Yeah, that’s fine.

Unknown Speaker 9:04
Yeah, that’s my go to I mean,

Unknown Speaker 9:05
but you know, yeah, burgers on that topic. There’s a lot of peanut butter creeping into burgers. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 9:13
Yeah. Like, why are we doing like, why did why the wise peanut butter having to get into every night

Unknown Speaker 9:17
I went to a restaurant with a guy on one of my daughter’s softball trips. And he’s like, Ron, you got to get this burger. It’s this peanut butter jelly burger or whatever. Or maybe it wasn’t it was like a peanut butter burger. And it goes every year. I crave it. I come to this one restaurant. And we have it in a was in Arizona. And he’s like, Oh, you gotta have one and then I started seeing it pop up. I think even like killer burger. Burger. Peanut Butter burger.

Unknown Speaker 9:48
I think most burger joints that are you know, that do the kind of, you know, crazier burgers that usually have a peanut butter in here. I can’t I’m not really a peanut butter fan. Let’s so weird. About the Thai food stuff is, for me. It’s like, I’m not really into peanut butter. It’s very specific things like peanut butter ice cream. Amazing. Love that and I don’t know why, but it’s like there’s something I think

Unknown Speaker 10:13
that’s okay. But it’s not something I would choose. I’ll eat it if that’s what there is. But it’s not my name.

Unknown Speaker 10:17
But I’m also not like a chocolate ice cream guy. I’m like a fruit ice cream kind of guy. But I like the the peanut butter because I like the flavor of peanut butter. But I think peanut butter just overall, like it makes me too thirsty. Like it doesn’t. It’s not. It’s like the ice cream is refreshing or like maybe even like a milkshake or whatever. But the peanut butter on a burger thing is just definitely a step too far. For me. I’m very like traditional with my burger. I like the you know, the sauce, the house sauce, you know, whatever, right?

Unknown Speaker 10:45
Because, you know, they’re just some guys sitting around somewhere. Like, what’s the weirdest thing we can put on a burger? Jello, like, we’re gonna like start adding jello to burgers or something like Lime Jello, and then I got to try it. It’s just It’s awesome. It’s amazing. Yeah, I don’t know, they won’t do that. But

Unknown Speaker 10:59
I and I think that’s why I get nervous with anything with peanuts or peanut butter. Because there’s there is kind of like, there’s kind of an adventurous side to me that would try like a lime jello burger, whatever. But then there’s like, there’s also that side of me, it’s like, well, what if I don’t like it? Or what if I’m not in the mood for peanut butter, because that’s, I think that’s part of it. Like sometimes you want to, it’s just like choosing your flavor of ice cream. Sometimes you want some fruity, sometimes you want some light, sometimes you want something thick, and a cup of milk next year, so you don’t have to really, you know, just kind of work through it because you just want to savor that there’s something really

Unknown Speaker 11:39
that’s how I am like I like fruity ice cream, but I also really like chocolate ice cream and like something with really like chocolate and fudge and

Unknown Speaker 11:47
but yeah, my go to is always cookie dough. I don’t know why now, that’s just because when I was a kid, I always love tea cookie dough,

Unknown Speaker 11:54
what’s something you’re loving Ron,

Unknown Speaker 11:57
um, you know, lately, it’s just been, it’s just been a matter of endurance for me. So, you know, like, I’ll I’ll have kind of these like, setup up and down days where I’ll, you know, like we started working on with my daughter’s boyfriend, we start working on stripping the, this beam in our, our kind of living room dining room area, because my wife wants a different color for it. And, and we did really good job, we kind of got it all stripped down on one side, and we’re, you know, kind of go on through and, and I was like, oh, it’s nice to be active again. Because I’ve been doing a lot of just like laying around and sitting. And then the next day I just, I can’t, I can’t, and I’m really tired or just like sweating, I feel like I’m gonna pass out or something and pain or so it’s it’s just been doing, it’s been doing little things. I’ve been doing more of my hobbies, stuff like painting, you know, little figurines or putting together model kits or something. And, you know, I find that to be relaxing. Been doing some reading and and listening to this. It’s called, it’s kind of like a I forget what it’s, it’s I don’t know what the Jewish genres but it’s kind of like they call it study music. And it’s like Lo Fi girl. And it’s like, basically you just listen to kind of like background music, because our house is so loud all the time with all these kids, right? But you put this in and you just start you know, you can noise cancel and then just start waiting a little bit. So that’s been kind of nice to

Unknown Speaker 13:42
be called as a happy family. Why do we have to have all these kids? That’s another quote from it’s wonderful life. That’s one we quote oftentimes in our house. Joking around. Yeah, that’s it. I’ve I haven’t really gotten into the whole low phi thing. I’ve tried to listen to it a few times. But there’s part of me that thinks, Well, why would I want something low phi, I want something that is high phi. That sounds good.

Unknown Speaker 14:05
There’s definitely a modern thing I think is like how people consume music. It’s like, switches into so accessible to people, you kind of want something on time with podcasts. It’s like, there’s sometimes even when I play like certain we’re talking about yesterday when I play certain video games that don’t really require me to listen to anything. You know, just racing games or whatever, which I really love. Perfect for podcasts. It’s like I’m literally just racing around a track, having a good time, but I can kind of listen to whatever I want. But you know musics like that to people, especially when they study it’s like the dead silence. It’s not very, not very fun when you’re trying to really get into something so just having anything on and for you know, for me and probably for David being musicians, it’s like music it can be very distracting. i

Unknown Speaker 14:49
There’s only there’s a kind of I have a playlist on Spotify. It’s called instrumental albums to work to. I didn’t create it someone else did. You can go find it. If you want, but it it’s not, it’s not real musical, it’s not like, You’re really strong melodies and you’re like, really, you know, lots of lots of, it’s just it’s almost kind of ambience. And, and that’s, and that’s the only kind of music and actually, I had to I had to listen to that over and over and over again to get my brain to the point where it would just kind of put it in the background because even still a lot of that I wanted to listen to because I’m like, yeah, oh, that was kind of that’s kind of a cool texture, I’d have to I want to go figure out what that is. But I have to I’m trying to get into it a little bit more, because it’s so popular, you know, I want to kind of I want to record some of it. So I got a new I got a new patch for a new new virtual instrument to record some some music in that style. So my next My next release is going to be in that in that genre to see if I can kind of tap into everyone’s cultural excitement about Lo Fi piano sounds I

Unknown Speaker 15:57
can’t remember if I sent this to you might have sent you like a song or something. But there’s a guy that I don’t know how I stumbled upon it, maybe it was just it was recommended. Or I searched for something, you know, on Apple Music or Spotify or whatever. But there’s I found this, it’s just called the artist is called the Lo Fi Christian and it’s just worship, thank you doing like the Lo Fi style. And it’s actually really great, because it’s still all the melody and everything’s there. But it just it does have a more relaxing kind of background vibe. And if anything, it probably great even just play. When we’re you know, when we play stuff on Sunday mornings in the background, it’s because yeah, like we just I just to get easily distracted, if there’s too much going on in the music is when I usually listen to music, I really want to listen to music, I don’t like to have it on just it’s like a thing. It’s something I want to pay attention to. So I want to be like loud, or like in my headphones or something to where I can really get into it. But that’s a cool thing to check out.

Unknown Speaker 16:54
So I’m not familiar with a lot of the musical stuff. And I don’t even know what I’m listening to. So what is what is Lo Fi

Unknown Speaker 17:01
Lo Fi is basically, it’s almost kind of like a telephone. You know, so like, you know, the old telephones, newer telephones don’t do this as much more than we have now on our smartphones, even HD phones, so, but like the old telephones because of the limits of the wire and the distance, they had to cut off the low frequencies and the high frequencies and you basically just have a lot of the mid mid range frequencies. So it’s not, it’s not a super, you know, complex signal. And so it’s Lo Fi isn’t as extreme as a telephone, like if you’re squashing everything down for the telephone sound. But it’s you know, it’s it’s a contrast of Hi Fi are high fidelity systems, which have, you’re supposed to be able to hear all the nuances of the music with a Hi Fi system. So it’s kind of built around vinyl. So you’d have this you’d have a record player a really nice like $2,000 record player, a Hi Fi system would have this. And then you’d have a really expensive amplifier. And then you have these really, really well built expensive speakers and you put me put the needle on that all of a sudden you can hear, it’s like you’re in the room that they said you’re in the room and you can hear everything. So that’s Hi Fi that’s high fidelity. So like Lo Fi is kind of the opposite. It’s like this like, squashing a lot of the sound down and really simplifying it. Am I getting it? Right?

Unknown Speaker 18:23
I mean, I mean, I don’t really know, either, but I guess what, what you said kind of makes me think of yeah, when you listen to it, it’s not like when you hear maybe some like modern pop songs where there’s like, the low end and the bass is very present in it big and then the vocals are really crisp and you know, everything’s just kind of there. It’s way more mellow, like you’re not going to get like a bass that’s going to shake anything you’re not going to get high end that’s gonna like sizzle or have this like very present vocal sound like it’s very relaxed sounding tone. Yeah, it’s, it’s just very relaxed in those like, yeah, like in those enhanced frequencies that usually hear a lot of modern music, especially these days where Yeah, it’s like, you know, the someone rolling down the street in their cars, literally, you can hear vibrating from the bass, you know, it’s like, you’re not going to get any of that effect with Lo Fi it’s not meant to, I think accentuate anything specific but just to be like very, like, neutral and just very relaxed sounding like an owl if that’s just through EQ or how they do it. Exactly, but I think it’s just like it can be so wide to what why or Hi, Lo Fi. I know all these words. Love I really I was gonna say, but Lo Fi really is. But, you know, I think we’re still figuring it out because it’s relatively new. I don’t have a ton of experience with it because it’s not something I like I said I like to listen to music and I like I don’t like necessarily super complicated things, but I like to really dig into music when I listen to it. I like it, too. Being like loud and something I can really pay attention to, even if I’m working and stuff. So Lo Fi is not really something I like to listen to because it’s doesn’t really have too much going on. It’s like, oh, this is a great piece of music. You know,

Unknown Speaker 20:12
I was trying to play some but something weird going on with my phone isn’t Spotify and Bluetooth. It just, I connect and it’ll show that it’s connected. But it’s not actually coming through whatever Bluetooth device I’m using. So interesting, kind of frustrating. But anyway, we can move on to that. That’s just fun. Fun catching up discussion. But so by the way, if you want to hear a little bit more about Ron’s Ron’s journey right now, you can go back and listen a couple episodes ago to our our talk on adversity. That was a good discussion. So go check that out two episodes ago, I believe. If you want to get caught up on on Ron, and some of the things that he’s dealing with right now, but besides work, how are you spending your time

Unknown Speaker 21:02
I was the one who wants to wants to admit,

Unknown Speaker 21:05
I’ll admit, I spend way too much time watching TV. I know, I know that. But I’m trying to trying to work at limiting it. Now that I’ve set it on the podcast, my wife is going to be like, Hey, you said on the podcast that you’re going to try to you know, reduce your TV time, but it’s just I grew up watching TV didn’t grow up playing video games, but I spend too much time playing playing. Not playing video games watching TV. But outside of that, you know, I’m spending more a little bit more time out in the shop doing some woodworking and stuff like that. But yeah, what do you find yourself just kind of, you know, drawn to in your in your off work time? Might be a better question.

Unknown Speaker 21:47
Yeah, I mean, for me, it’s been the same things for a pretty long time that video games are a huge one. And it’s not an everyday thing necessarily, but there’s just stuff I get in the mood for just it’s just like very much like TV, but it’s just something I like I’m it’s more interactive, for sure. Are there certain, you know, you’re in a certain mood to do something specific, it’s like anything, even like the food or you know, TV, it’s very similar. So that’s kind of always my, my default is something that I’ve been doing pretty much my whole life since I was probably like three years old now and just something that’s like, I that’s something I’ll probably never stop doing. I guess it’s something I do enjoy, but I don’t really consider myself like addicted to it in any way because I’m not thinking about it all day and you know, literally playing for eight hours, you know, doing

Unknown Speaker 22:36
all night and then going to work and yeah, it’s like

Unknown Speaker 22:39
I mean, I just play you know, until if I’m going to play at night I’ll play

Unknown Speaker 22:43
I saw some of my roommates in college where they play I think it was World of Warcraft that came out at that time. Well let’s play all night long and then get up you know, sleep like an hour and go to class and like, that’s just not for me.

Unknown Speaker 22:54
I mean, that’s a game that’s, that’s its reputation. I mean, that’s it sucks. It’s the life consuming thing but for me it’s just yeah, video games and then music isn’t I’m trying to put in more there like I been playing bass and stuff and trying to learn a not really a new instrument because I’ve been playing bass technically, but I’ve never owned one and I’m trying to approach it as the instrument it is not as a guitar player just playing bass lines you know, it’s like kind of trying to learn it as a separate instrument. So that’s been part of my time too and it’s another rabbit hole with gear and like I got a buddy of mine you know gifted me for Christmas a a nice DIY and stuff and I’m like he shouldn’t do this to me like now I need now I need to start another pedal board you’ve already you started in like

Unknown Speaker 23:47
I need a pen I need to be writing down different questions because that’s a good question is your what rabbit holes you find yourself going down? Yeah, Ron what rabbit holes you find yourself going down?

Unknown Speaker 23:58
I think that it’s it’s it’s probably that’s probably YouTube, YouTube. It’s been because I spent so much time trying to learn something new because like we were we got a new blender that a friend gave to us. So I can make more of these smoothies and like anthem three, like real smooth. If

Unknown Speaker 24:21
you like the blend, blend. Enemy of the State. You guys seen that movie?

Unknown Speaker 24:27
TV? Yes. I have seen that one. Now. They steal his blender and he’s all upset about it. It was about a duck watching state right?

Unknown Speaker 24:33
Yeah, totally fine. Most of the movie references you make I’ll just go right over my

Unknown Speaker 24:38
Yeah, yeah. But now, all I can think about is the blending movie. You’re blending. You got a blender. So yeah, so the blender that we got this blender and my wife turned it on, you know to make some smoothies and I’m like, Man, that’s loud, you know from the bedroom. As I’m waiting for my son The and I’m like, you know, I’m sure there’s got to be an easy way to make some sort of noise cancelling. Closer, right? Like just some, you know, polyboard, and, you know, and all that stuff. And I will go into, like, do a search, or I’ll go onto YouTube. And it’s just like, you just keep going further and further and you’re just like, well, this isn’t exactly what I’m talking about, or this isn’t exactly what. So then you’ll find something that like, you know, how to noise cancelled generators or something, you know, and then they’re like, Wow, maybe if I downgrade, you can just spend forever, right? And then by the time, you know, and I’ll jump like that, from topic to topic of, like, you know, how to how to do that. And then I went into gutters, for some reason, I was thinking about gutters. And I was like, Well, what’s, you know, I think it’s because, because if you if anyone knows, you

Unknown Speaker 25:58
know, if you build a generator, enclosure, it’s got to have a roof on it, you need to

Unknown Speaker 26:02
honor it? Well, you know, I think it might might be the algorithm that they’ve developed for me, too, but they’re like, but, you know, like, there was this thing about a gutter, you know, filter, and I was like, Well, you know, I haven’t really cracked the gutter, you know, problem that I’m having with all the debris and stuff. And he just kind of go, you go further into that, and then, you know, you just kind of hit the wall with at eventually I just end up being like, man, it’s been like, two hours, and I gave up on the blender noise canceling or, like, you know, right, 30 minutes into it. And yeah, I

Unknown Speaker 26:41
did that last week, actually, with YouTube, because now we have good internet. And so I can actually watch YouTube at home, I was just I was looking for, because I’m trying to. So I’ve been here for nine years. And I’ve lived in this like, kind of makeshift setup in my office the whole nine years, and it drives me insane. So, you know, it’s like, I want to, I want to finally get my office set up, you know, in a nice, you know, visually appealing, clean kind of, you know, looks good way I want it to be like I need it to be because I tend to do a lot of streaming for the church, or at least I have in the past. And so it’s like I want it to be, you know, setup, that’s, you know, that looks good for streaming. And all those things I just kind of got sucked into, you know, this like YouTube wormhole of these guys and their streaming setups and their you know, their desk, and like they do these breakdowns of, of all the stuff that’s on their desk, and all the equipment they use, and they show how they’ve got it all organized underneath their desk. And so everything looks nice, and they talk about the little IKEA plant and all that, you know, just mumbo jumbo that’s totally useless. And like it was like, probably 45 minutes of watching these guys do their videos, I probably probably be better use of my time to to work on building the desk I need as opposed to watching these guys have their desks organized. Like why am I why am I spending all this time Oregon, figuring out how other guys organize their desk and I don’t even have a desk to organize right now. I just got these makeshift desks. So but so when you look at look at the way you spent your time in the past, does it give you peace and a sense of pride? Or do you wish you’d spent your time differently?

Unknown Speaker 28:19
Huh? Let’s can interesting because I don’t know that I have a sense of pride from playing video games, cuz it’s really kind of, it’s not probably a good use of time. Like, it’s not necessarily super beneficial, like you’re learning something, but at the same time, I think it and they’re finding out over the years, it’s like, for a longest time it was like, you know, video games are terrible for you. But I think they’ve actually found quite the opposite, you know, especially for coordination and the way it makes your brain connect things and I think it is good. So it’s like, it probably is useful, even though it doesn’t seem like it because you’re in another world, you know, slaying goblins and, you know, casting spells or whatever, you know, whatever you’re doing. But for me, like I definitely know, I, it’s, it’s part of the, I think the rack relaxation aspect that I do feel good after I you know, take some time to do it doesn’t have to be very long, you know, I don’t need to spend five hours but I can take you know, 30 minutes to an hour, which it really isn’t much time but even that is you know, enough to just, you know, kind of clear my brain and definitely make me feel, you know, more peaceful than the day and relieve a little bit of stress and just know that I had a minute to just forget about everything for just, you know, like I said a half hour it’s like, it really takes Yeah, but yeah, the pride thing. I don’t know. I have a ton of pride and pay look at me like I play tons of video games. But you know,

Unknown Speaker 29:56
what do you think, Ron?

Unknown Speaker 29:57
Well, I think I think statistically, I would probably not have a lot of pride, I think I think the problem is like, because I mean, the thinking of my current situation where it’s like, okay, I’m, I’m not working, you know, because of everything going on. And, and you think of like, if, if you’re in a situation where you’re like, Okay, you’re, it’s unavoidable, you have to take time off work. So now you’ve got, you know, you’ve got all the time in the world, to do something, to improve your life to do all this stuff. And I think that when you look at what you want to what I mean, if you, you have the whole world, like even more so than they we did back when we were young kids are in all your generations, we’re all at our fingertips, we couldn’t see any book and learn how to improve your life, you can learn how to eat right, and exercise or, you know, I mean, there’s like a million things that you could do, right? Right, you can listen to good podcast, you know, you can like this. Right? But then there’s, there’s always this sense of like, but I need, I need to not think of, you know, all the things that I need, right, do better, because that’s overwhelming to right now, then there’s pressures, a sense of, like, I need to work on myself, or I need to improve on you know, and as I improve myself and prove my family and my kids and their, their families, and, and, but there’s, there’s just kind of an a sense of, like, now you need to, you need to just completely do the opposite, right, you need to watch something stupid, or you need to do you know, you need to do something else. I mean, and I don’t know, if I would, I mean, I just think that there’s just this sense of, like, you have these things that you can turn off your brain, and you have these things that can really engage them. And, as I’m dealing with, like, long periods of time, because like, initially, when I was first got sick, I was like, I spent a lot of time, like watching shows, and watching and playing games, and, and watching, you know, movies that I wanted to see and stuff like that. And then as as time became more, like, you just have tons and tons of time, you were just kind of like, I don’t know, nothing really looks good to me anymore. You know, like, it’s just like, when you’re when you’re balancing it between, like, I’ve worked, you know, 40 hours a week, or 50 hours a week or whatever. And then you’ve got so much free time, and you’ve still got, you know, your kids to deal with and stuff like that. When you cut all that free time out, you’re just like doing whatever you want, right day in day out, it’s it really does become like, a lot less satisfying to watch movie or, you know, right. And I found I found a lot of times that I just wanted to sleep, you know, which is kind of another, you know, form of kind of dealing with, I don’t know what to do, you know, and, and it’s probably part of what I’m going to add things like but, you know, I think that the real challenges for me had been trying to be like, okay, like reading, that was something I needed, I wanted to put on my, you know, make my life better. And, and in making myself do like my hobby, or getting up having a reason to get up. Because there was a long period of time that I would sleep till 3pm. I mean, it was just like, the kids are home, they just got back from school, and I was just like, but I would just constantly need this leg. And I would have TV shows and stuff playing in the background, because I just can’t, I can’t deal with silence very well. And but then when I have something going on, it kind of takes my it entertains my mind while my body can sleep or something out it is but there’s definitely this it’s weird to, to find out who you are when you have when you don’t have like, a huge part of what you think you should be doing, which is work. You know, it’s like, so it’s it’s, um, lately, I think I mean, I think I’m more of a caveat to to this to this question that maybe people would answer but you know, there’s definitely challenge because you’re like, Man, I got so much time I can just, I can do anything. But then when you try to think about doing it, you’re like, I don’t want to do that.

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