If I were to ask you to describe for me the manliest man you know, what characteristics would you include?

If you do a Google search for “Manliest Man”, you get responses like IMDB’s “Top 20 Manliest Men Ever” with names like John Wayne, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The images that come up are pictures of men muscles bulging out of their shirts, covered in hair and eating a live fish they presumably just pulled from the water with their bare hands.

But, is that what a “man” is? And if it is, what about the millions of men who can’t stand the thought of gutting a fish or even worse a deer? Are they less manly because they don’t have the same interests or hobbies as other men?

Do you think there are men who are more mature men who know nothing about hunting or fishing, whom we might consider to be creative and artistic?

I sure hope so.

Not only are men under attack in our culture, most people’s idea of manhood is a stereotype of a man that has been portrayed on screen. But that “man” is not how I would define manhood. A mature man may never pick up a gun to kill an animal, but there are characteristics that define a mature man.

And it begins with this idea: Be the kind of man they will remember when you’re gone.

Many men have gone before you in your family. And while you may remember most of them, how you remember them almost certainly changes.

There are men who have gone before me in my family that I remember like my grandfathers. The two of them couldn’t have been much different from each other. One was a logger and homesteader (in whose house I currently live). He would fit the stereotype quite well. The other was a missionary and evangelist, he was less than 5′ tall and wouldn’t be anything like the stereotype. And yet, both of them tower over me and our respective families with the legacies they have left behind.

So, what is it that makes these men as different as they are the kind of men you and I would want to become?

Good question, and welcome to Man They Remember.

We are going to be launching a podcast along with other resources to dig into what it means to be the kind of man they will remember when we’re gone. And we’d love to have you join us!